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Nature Interpretation Centre

This is yet another "unique" area of expertise for adland, now particularly relevant with the national, regional, local and global focus on ecology and environment.

Projects usually involve research on identified
eco-zones and their biodiversity, field visits and documentation, information and data-based
write-ups, to-scale mock-ups of total NIC, ground and elevation planning, sectional working drawings, lighting and audiovisual planning plus addition of Sound and
Light spectacle and execution, creation of dioramic presentations, complete with dimensional representations of endemic / exotic flora and fauna
and geographic features, pathway creation, interactive (CD-ROM-based) kiosks (software and hardware) and training of client’s personnel for day-to-day operation.

Other support services provided by adland for creation
of NIC include still photography, full-motion videography, illustrations/artist’s impressions, photographic enlargement, informative textual bromide board-making, etc.

adland is fully equipped to offer its own infrastructure, including civil, structural, mechanical and electrical work and instrumentation. A team of planners, architects, engineers, draughtsmen, sculptors, museum specialists, 3D craftsmen, interior designers, etc spearhead operations.

NICs set up by ADLAND have enriched many Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks, Reserve Forests, Zoological Parks, etc.


  adland is fully equipped to offer its own infrastructure..




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